'The Miser' by Hans Holbein the Younger

Image: Dover Publications, Inc., New York

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3. Don't take me for granted

Time to slow things down a little! I think that ballads can be tricky to write. You can't hide behind a good groove, so there's more focus on the melody and lyrics. However, I think this one works pretty well!

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6. Living on Saturday night

When I was young 'Elite Hotel' by Emmylou Harris was on constant rotation in our family car, so when I started working with Beaird Music Group I wanted to do a real 'old school' country song that reminded me of the Hot Band. This is it!

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7. Lost Weekend

When I first read about Charles R. Jackson's novel 'The Lost Weekend' I thought 'What a great title for a song'! And when I saw the cover of the paperback edition I knew the music had to have a 'pulp fiction' vibe!


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9. Judgement Day

Another song inspired by a book title? Not this time. This one came from a medieval woodcut! Browsing through a facsimilie of the 1538 edition of Hans Holbein the Younger's 'The Dance of Death' (there's never a dull moment here at tunastreet) I noticed 'The Miser', which illustrates Luke 12:20. 'That should be a country gospel tune', I thought to myself.

Here's how it turned out...

Cover Image: Swallow Press 1954

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Tracks 1-4, 7-8: Music - George Hay. Lyrics - George Hay and Mary Burke.

Tracks 5-6, 9: Music and lyrics - George Hay.

Instrumental and vocal arrangements by Beaird Music Group and Tania Hancheroff.

4. In my lonely room

There's always room for another song about unrequited love. Especially when it's as easy to sing along to as this one!

8. House of Love

Ready to dance? I hope so, because this track grooves along nicely! Following extensive road testing I can also confirm that it's a great driving song, and yes, book lovers - there is another literary reference in the title!



1. Heartbreaker

Fancy a mid-tempo rocker with a hint of Rolling Stones swagger? Me too! I've listened to this one a lot and it still makes me want to dance every time!

A strangely familiar scene in an old cutting from Sounds or NME.

  • HIDEAWAY2:46

2. Hideaway

Fed up? Just want to make the world go away ? This is for you!

A bittersweet mix of catchy tune and downbeat lyrics.

  • Judgement Day3:01

Cover Image: Signet Books 1948


5. Drinkin' wine

Every gigging band needs a drinking song, and since there are so many about whiskey and beer I thought it was time for a new wine drinking song!

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Do you ever turn on the radio and say 'That's terrible. Even I could do better than that'?! Me too. In fact I've done it many times. However, there comes a point when your long-suffering wife/partner/friends turn around and say 'Go on then. Do it. Write something better'!

So, here they are. The songs that I consider good enough to play to complete strangers without embarrassment. Of course, it helps that it's not just me and my guitar on some home-made demos. These songs were all recorded at Beaird Music Group in Nashville, featuring the excellent BMG house band and the fabulous Tania Hancheroff on vocals.