George D. Hay (1895 – 1968)

Founder of the original Grand Ole Opry !

Bishop George Hay (1729–1811)

Notice any family resemblance?

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  • Hong Kong2:55

No relation!

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People often ask me how my music career started. This is where it all began...

A blast from the past

Aberdeen (Scotland). The Granite City. The Big Neep. Where litter swirls around your head in the cold north-east wind, and seagulls grow fat on discarded takeaways.

It's not the most fertile ground for rock'n'roll. Annie Lennox took the bus to London and never looked back. However, there was one band who briefly lit up the city with their explosive live shows and unique brand of soul. That band was the Kid Plectrum Wall of Sound.

At first they were terrible. They made a couple of dreadful self-financed 45s which are best forgotten. And then, somehow, it all fell into place and for a brief, golden moment they shone... but they never cut another record. Only a select few have heard any of their later recordings, so we're proud to present the legendary Bonebag Bassman composition 'Soulfinger', from the band's penultimate session.


Acoustic Building by Ever Muelen.Not built (yet).


new songs and old records

Twee is the word! Don't worry, I won't be playing you this one.

Collector's corner

Here's what one record dealer had to say about the first Kid Plectrum 45!

'Architecture' by  Raphael Delorme, c.1925It's not really like this any more.

OK, this one is just a pen name - he was really Oswyn Robert Tregonwell Hay (1922-1997), but he'll always be George to sci-fi fans!

Images from 'eight miles higher' blog.

Field Marshal George Hay,

8th Marquess of Tweeddale, Governor of Madras (1787 – 1876)

Sir George Hay (1572–1634), 1st Earl of Kinnoull,

High Chancellor of Scotland

Bo on his 1957 Cushman Road King, when he still traveled in style.

What happened next?

I know what you're thinking: 'The Kid Plectrum Wall of Sound were amazing! You must have had the world at your feet! Where did it all go wrong?' Well, maybe staying in college had something to do with it, but that's all down to Bo Diddley. That's right, the Diddley Daddy himself! Way back in the 80s, when I was barely out of short trousers, Sir Percy Plectrum and I saw Bo play live and were lucky enough to meet him after the show. When we left the venue we saw a clapped-out old Ford Transit outside. It was a real rust-bucket, even worse than ours. Then it dawned on us that Bo Diddley, the rock'n'roll legend, a man whose name is mentioned in the same breath as Little Richard and Chuck Berry, was traveling in less style than the Wall of Sound. How was that possible? Maybe dropping out to pursue a music career wasn't such a cunning plan after all? Who knows, but at least I have an excuse to play you a track by Bo at his Bo-dacious best: 'Hong Kong, Mississippi', from his 1961 'Bo Diddley is a Lover' LP!

  • Soulfinger2:41

The rare, but not sought after, 'Dictionary of Soul' EP.

My name is George Hay. I write songs and design buildings. Like many aspiring musicians I was obliged to earn a crust as an architect until an opportunity arose to devote more time to music. That time has come.

What you hear on is a mixture of old songs from my demo archive and newer material inspired by working with the professionals at Beaird Music Group.

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